Diving into Safety: Helping RNLI Staff Learn Life-Saving Water Skills

RNLI Float to Live Training

Helping people in our beautiful coastal community to learn vital water safety skills has always been a huge motivator for Kristin and the whole team at Individuality Swimming, so when the opportunity arose to work with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution – the national charity dedicated to saving lives at sea – we naturally jumped at it!

We were invited to provide special lessons for five office-based members of staff from RNLI’s Poole headquarters, who were taking the plunge to learn an essential life-saving skill: how to ‘Float to Live.’

These were no ordinary swimming lessons. Held at the RNLI training pool at the charity’s Poole headquarters in conjunction with World Drowning Prevention Day in September, the aim was to empower these individuals with crucial water safety skills. ‘Float to Live’ is a lifesaving message, especially for non-swimmers, so we were thrilled to support these RNLI staff in mastering this technique.

The session was the brainchild of The RNLI’s Race Equality Network, recognising the importance of ensuring all staff have the opportunity to learn this vital skill, irrespective of their swimming background. Megan Manneh, Water Safety Delivery Manager and Chair of the RNLI’s Race Equality Network, was inspired by the World Health Organization’s call to action for World Drowning Prevention Day. Working within the RNLI, she felt it vital for herself and colleagues – even though they’re office-based – to grasp some of the lifesaving skills which the charity’s Water Safety teams share across the UK every day.

As an Aquaphobia Learning Programme approved swim school, the team at Individuality Swimming understands the difficulties some individuals encounter around water and the courage it takes to try to overcome them, so we were delighted and proud to be able to help. For us, it’s not just about swimming; our work is also about empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills that could save lives.

So, kudos to the RNLI staff for championing safety and fostering a culture of learning both professionally and personally – hopefully, they encourage others who aren’t yet water-confident to take the plunge too!

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