Baby Swimming Classes

Parent and Baby Swimming Lessons

Our Parent and Baby swimming classes involve lots of play, songs and games to help the children learn and build towards swimming independently, happily and safely with mum or with dad. In fact, both parents are welcome to join in our lessons and be in the water with baby at the same time.

Parent and Baby swimming classes involve lots of skin-to-skin contact strengthening the bond between parent and child in an activity that you can both truly enjoy together. Baby can start swimming with us from just 6 weeks old.

For baby, swimming helps develop strength and coordination aiding their early physical development, and joining in with the baby swimming classes allows them to interact with you, the teacher, and other babies in the fun class environment, which along with the sensory experience of being in the water, helps stimulate baby’s social and psychological development.

The Parent and Baby swimming classes allow baby to have fun exploring an environment that will feel safe and familiar to them after their time in the womb. Swimming helps to maintain this natural water affinity and develop a water confidence that will stay with them always, throughout childhood and beyond.

We also use child-lead submersion techniques to help the children feel confident in the water and to reinforce the natural breath-holding reflex and learn breath control. We do not use forced submersions in our classes. During our Parent and Baby swimming classes, we also teach the children the key safety skill of entering the water, turn around, and swim back to side by themselves.

Children that have attended our Parent and Baby swimming lessons are often able to swim completely unaided before they even start school.

Please call 01202 031701 for details.

Baby swimming lessons Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ferndown, Ringwood, Wareham & Sandford
Baby & toddler swimming lessons Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ferndown, Wareham

Baby and Toddler Swimming Classes

Our Parent and Baby swimming lessons are divided into three age groups:

0-1 years. Baby will enjoy the freedom of movement and the buoyancy that being in the water provides, whilst bonding with you through skin on skin contact. The signals that accompany the key class activities are first learned here, and you’ll learn how to hold and support baby in the water. Baby’s physical strength develops in the back and neck, and submersion helps reinforce the natural breath holding reflex.

1-2 years. Little ones and toddlers are now jumping in, kicking their legs, blowing bubbles and playing with the toys in the water, as well as swimming short distances unaided underwater. Strength and coordination further improves, and the breath holding reflex develops into breath control.

2-3 years. The children are now learning to swim independently with floatation aids such as woggles and back-floats, as well as doing glides and little swims unaided, and learning to climb out by themselves, in preparation for the preschool classes where they’ll be swimming without mum or dad.

Pregnant Mums

Aqua natal classes are the best way to ease pregnancy aches and pains along with a full body workout. Feel weightless in pool and forget about the stresses and strains on your body.

Parent & Baby

Parent and Baby swimming classes involve lots of play to help the children learn. We also use submersion techniques to help the children feel confident in the water.

Children can start from just 6 weeks old. 


Private swimming lessons provide the greatest flexibility and one-on-one attention for swimmers of any age, beginners or improvers.


We offer small group swimming lessons for children, with no more than five children in a group you are assured that your child receives the individual attention important to develop their swimming skills.

The children will learn all the safety aspects of swimming without their parents.

Private 1-2-1 Lessons

1-2-1 swimming lessons help children to learn with confidence. We can adapt the structure of the lessons to suit your child’s individual needs.

Open Water

If you’re interested in seeing for yourself what all the fuss is about, our open-water swimming lessons are for you! We can teach you exactly how to relax and enjoy safe swimming in the sea.


This fun activity allows young swimmers to wear a special mermaid tail outfit and learn how to swim like a real-life mermaid (or merman!)

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