Dry robe/towel robe Stash Bags


We all love our changing robes but we all struggle to store them, especially if you are like us and have a family’s worth of robes to store. Red have come up with an amazing “Stash Bag” for robes, you can fold the robe into the bag, roll the top down and squeeze out all the air, bit like a vacuum bag!! Best of all they are made from recycled materials!

  • Stash changing robes quickly with Red’s easy-to-use compression bag, can even fit an XL Long Sleeve Robe
  • Compress to make bag and contents as small as possible, featuring two compressions straps and air dump valve for space saving
  • Super strong rip stock material that is abrasion resistant, stitched and taped rather than welded at the seams
  • Lightweight and easy to transport, 12 Litre stash bag comes complete with padded detachable carry strap
  • Roll top style closure allows easy and wide access when locating items and provides waterproof capabilities
  • Store extra items with the added mesh pocket on the front for grabbles such as phones, keys or change
  • Handy design means you won’t have to leave your robe on wet rocks or sand when on standby during activites
  • Eco friendly, made from recycled materials that are Global Recycled Standard Certified



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