Adult Learn To Swim: It’s Never Too Late

Adult swimming lessons

Many people associate learning to swim with a part of childhood, and as such may be put off by the idea of learning to swim as an adult. But here at Individuality Swimming & Fitness, we believe anyone can learn, regardless of age and experience.

There are many benefits of learning to swim later in life and today we’ll cover a few of them as well as how to get over those nerves. Plus, with our range of adult swimming lessons and private swimming lessons, it’s easy to get started today.

Why Learn To Swim As An Adult?

Learning to swim as an adult can have a tremendous impact on our health, both physical and mental. As well as improving our cardiovascular fitness and toning our muscles, swimming can also relieve us of joint pain and build strength in our lungs. It’s also been proven that swimming can give us a boost to our mental wellbeing, as the therapeutic properties of the water relax our muscles and ease our mind.

Swimming is a great skill to learn, whether you’re working towards your fitness goals or looking to improve your mental health. But knowing how to swim could also come to your rescue in the case of a water emergency. An essential survival skill, swimming gives you the ability to get yourself – and potentially others – to safety, should you ever find yourself in a challenging situation in the water.

Overcoming Swimming Anxiety

If your fear of swimming is holding back, you shouldn’t be ashamed. It’s estimated that around fourteen million people experience feelings of anxiety around the water. But we believe facing your fear is the biggest step to overcoming it.

When learning to swim for the first time, always start in shallower waters. This way, you’ll be able to build confidence and can work your way gradually towards deeper waters. Working with a skilled instructor is another way to lower anxiety, as you’ll be in the capable hands of a qualified coach with years of experience teaching adults to swim.

At Individuality Swimming & Fitness, we offer a range of adult swimming lessons to help you feel comfortable in the water. With private swimming lessons available for you to gain confidence in the pool, you’ll be able to pick up essential techniques under the guidance of an experienced coach.

Get in touch today to learn more about how swimming can benefit your physical and mental health.

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