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Mermaid Lessons

Mermaids are renowned for their stunning, sparkling tails and their natural ability to swim through the water gracefully at high speeds. It’s normal to watch mermaids in cartoons or movies and feel envious of their swimming skills - we know we certainly have! Fortunately for your kids however, the opportunity to experience swimming like a mermaid is now a reality thanks to our Mermaid Lessons!

This fun activity allows young swimmers to wear a special mermaid tail outfit and learn how to swim like a real life mermaid (or merman!) Our mermaid lessons last 90 mins during which each attendee will be shown how to channel their inner mermaid and become confident at mermaid swimming. This includes:

  • How to correctly put the tail outfit on
  • Safely entering and exiting the water
  • Moving safely and effectively whilst in the water
  • Mermaid swimming skills and routines

Each Mermaid Lesson takes place in a safe environment and there will be two adults, including at least one qualified instructor, present in the pool at all times. Groups are limited to 6 which allows for each mermaid-in-training to receive the level of teaching and guidance they may require.

Mermaid Lessons Poole & Bournemouth

Having the chance to swim like a mermaid is an exciting and unique activity that kids absolutely love! Whether they already have a passion for swimming or not, Mermaid Lessons will see them having a fantastic experience - and they’ll be amazed at how fast they can travel through the water with their mermaid tail on!

Our Mermaid Lessons are available during school holidays, take place at Talbot Primary School and cost £37.50 per child. For safety reasons participants must be able to swim 25m and at least 5m using the dolphin kick method (butterfly stroke legs). Contact us today for more information or to book your child's mermaid lesson.

Parent And Baby Classes

Parent and Baby swim classes involve lots of play to help the children learn. We also use submersion techniques to help the children feel confident in the water.

Children can start from just 6 weeks old. We also offer Aqua Sensory from 6 months up.

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Small Group Swimming Lessons

We offer small group swimming lessons for children, with no more than five children in a group you are assured that your child receives the individual attention important to develop their swimming skills.

The children will learn all the safety aspects of swimming without their parents.

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One to One / Two to One Lessons

One to one swimming lessons help children to learn with confidence. We can adapt the structure of the lessons to suit your child’s individual needs.

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Adult Swimming Lessons

Private swimming lessons provide the greatest flexibility and one-on-one attention for swimmers of any age, beginners or improvers.

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Aqua Natal Classes

Aqua natal classes are the best way to ease pregnancy aches and pains along with a full body workout. Feel weightless in pool and forget about the stresses and strains on your body.

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Swimming Shop

We offer a range of products including kids swimming goggles, hoodies, water bottles and swimming hats. All our products are tried and tested so you or your child can experience the best swimming lessons possible.

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